Killing It
Andrew Tran

Summer 2021
I’m on stage rn telling jokes to deflect the pain,
To compress the imposter syndrome,
And employ my quiet voice, so i’m no longer fatigued
By the silence of crickets,
Of the jeers of the hecklers, the crowd who name calls,
Cursing my Vietnamese ethnicity, and they’re screaming
Like sirens and these are not the sirens from the Greek
Myths, nope, this is something internal,
This is someone personal, this is some reason I cannot
Fully express, nor can I really understand, and more from the left
To my right brain, even when I remain 6 months clean)
(I drink seldom, usually liquor, eventually an expensive scotch,
From an authentic bar in Fairfax, VA, or anyone who will take
Me back), but rn I’ve been singing since I was 8 years old,
Back when I’ve held control over my 5 senses and I remember
That film by M. Night Shyamalan with the little kid
And Bruce Willis, and sometimes I wonder if i’m the kid,
Or a ghost, and then sometimes
I wonder if I’m still telling jokes.

Monday Nov 5 2018