Four Poems
Dimitri Karakostas

Summer 2019
... writing poems in shower in... it’s own quiet way - like
what am i doing -
... with my time -------
i’m reading and uh,
i’m just thinking

in the interest of self-correcting
(i hate multitasking)
i drink two beers and then -

then -  i have coffee

“i am married to my work,”
i think
while i ignore the dog

by nature, i’m tired
but built for sin

well -
well -
well -


you are a rotisserie chicken,
i tell you -

glisten golden and
sweat delicious tender

nude on the beach
i think of food instead


i’m with you in a one-bedroom apartment
where we hug and kiss the puppy
under our bedsheets

the united states of the dog
that barks all night
and wont let us sleep


i can move all the furniture
by myself

i’m sick of weddings, caterings,
unloading jeeps,
ordering paper

i wanted to die
documenting a war zone

Monday Nov 5 2018