M.V. Preti

Summer 2021
thick skull, thicker thighs
thicker still with those thigh highs
cutting circulation
but I circulate just fine

fishnet stockings, socks, leather jacket, combat boots                               
the jacket’s gone                               
the boots before                               

he loves my thighs but I love them more
obsessive about it
squats when he leaves
shots when she comes
back to squats
no food

socks stay on, fishnets torn, they stay too                               
I stay                               
the moment not over, the high not done                               

arms carry no weight
it’s all below
that’s where the money is
men and women want something to grab
to slap
to put their cock, their face, their fingers
they don’t want to grab my arms
there is nothing sexy about that, unless it’s to tie them up
behind me

Monday Nov 5 2018