Two Self Portraits

Nicholas O’Donnell

Spring 2022

Vector fades to right
blue, brown eye
becoming dissipation
mind a center

then it begins

imagine wholeness
fractured in art
forget the idea

the body as an echo
reappears at center
burdened by the body

I think it and hate it
the want to be loved
but collapse a part

the dot black dot
consumes an axis

if this is it
we’ll die in forgiveness


Home     blue home
approaches itself

the motherboard
the A frame

a sudden smudge negates the balance

look, look at these imminent daffodils
how yellow vectors
become a climate

[sound of breath]

A single guitar appears

as it nears completion
I am overwhelmed by sadness

this enlarges and supplants space
until mind fills the graph

with a heavy identity

an equivalence so perfect
it inevitably ruptures

Monday Nov 5 2018