BASSET HOUND PRESS

Soledar is in the blood

Around the city «field chocolate»
melting from the kisses of spring in the middle of winter.
In the smoke, artillery cannons play
with the mutilated bricks.
Soledar is awake, and Soledar is fighting.

Eastern cockroaches advance in quarters,
they are not oppressed by the Marvel Heroes,
in ambushes and chats are the former musicians, actors, and sellers.
These are the heroes who hold the city for a year
on the borders of justice and honor.

Fingers die in the cold

The aurora twinkles,
the evening abyss turns red
Fingers die in the cold in trench truths
oh, the heart is washed with blood
for the fighters of the Force of the Spirit in the Donbas steppes.

The candle burns faster,
the German Leopards are about to roar
No, there are already convulsions!
The doctor amputated the fingers.

They stand for the whole world
against the devil's leg
which limps forward ahead.
Where are Your tanks?

Fingers die in the cold


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Monday Nov 5 2018