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An Aerodynamic Destiny
Charles March

Throughout my time in the Windy City, I perpetually felt a perplexingly perpendicular wind, which
always brought me to the left.
Maybe that’s how I always knew I’d wind up going west.

I initially thought it was this X factor that kept me on a slippery slope,
but now I know that it was this gale-force wind that helped me put down the dope.

At times, the crosswind felt like a crucifix, especially when I needed a fix…
but I escaped the transverse vicissitude of the constant up & down,
and chartered an oblique spiritual slipstream~straight out of town.

Then I tried to harness the hurricane,
but my headwinds had too much clout,
which caused me to flail/fail,
sending my tail between my legs, in a tailwind that spun/strung me out.

I was akin to a bicyclist,
caught in a vicious, cyclonic cycle, with a tour de force French Connection outfit that strong
armed me like a Belgian tourniquet.

I prayed and parlayed for some violent vector to ship me to a disparate sector,
which, led me to enlist in the Navy.
But the knots in my sails didn’t unwaver until I was open enough to ride the breeze with ease,
and utilize the zephyr.

I became a medic to the Marines, who, kept me away from sin
by creating an echelon that
thwarted wayward wind.

Then, by some miracle, through all of the brutal breaches,
we somehow managed to coast to L.A.’s winsome beaches.

And it’s here that we find our current repose, among the country’s
outer reaches, and preposterous prose.

I used to take the “L” train home,
but now I ride the “W” car
wherever I may roam.

An Aerodynamic Destiny
Charles March

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